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Welcome Class of 2017 and 2021

English IV - we focus on British literature and writing to prepare for college, community college, or life's expectations. There will be an NC Final Exam at the end of this course.

English I - we do an overview of literature including short stories, poetry, epics, drama, and novels. There will be an introductory research assignment. There is a NC Final Exam at the end of this course.

Students - use the links to the left to give you that extra edge in class.

Parents - please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions about your child's grades, performance in class, etc. What does your child need and what would be great to have in the classroom? Check out the SUPPLIES list.

Lunch tutoring / extra help / make up test schedule -
Monday - A Lunch
Tuesday - A Lunch
Wednesday - not available for tutoring
Thursday - B Lunch (except for when I have department meetings (usually 2nd Thurs))
Friday - B Lunch


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Pocket - if you have bad or no Internet at home, use this to save web pages at school and view them later

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