A Doll's House



Torvald Helmer
Married to Nora. Believes that he is in control of the marriage and expects his wife to act in a subservient way to him. Attempts to guide Nora and often treats her like a child. Recently promoted at the bank. Values his reputation over almost anything.

Protagonist. Married to Torvald. Acts naive and childlike, especially around her husband. Constantly working to upkeep a false image. Engages in small acts of rebellion against Torvald. Often hides secrets from her family.

Doctor Rank
Torvald's best friend who is suffering from a terminal disease. Does not care what other people think about him, but makes an effort to skirt around the issue of his illness because of how uncomfortable it makes his friend.

Mrs. Linde
Childhood friend of Nora's who is reintroduced to her at teh very start of the play. Seems sensible and realistic. Functions as a parallel character to Nora. Lived a life of poverty and sorrow. Dislikes Nora's behavior.

Nils Krogstad
Antagonist. Holds Nora's secret over her head as much as possible, but does not seem to care about her slightly. His main motive to tormenting Nora is to hold on to his position at the bank, which Torvald has control over. Wants to repair his reputation for the sake of his children. Krogstad is seen as a victim of society.

Bob, Emmy, and Ivar
Helmer’’s three young children

their nurse (nanny). Genuinely cares about Nora and the Helmer children. Took care of Nora when she was just born.

The Helmer's maid. Assists Nora around the house and helps her hide things from time-to-time.

A Porter

The action takes place in Helmer’s house in Norway.
Time: Christmas - 1870s


Genre - Realism, Modern Drama

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The whole play

The play broken into acts:


  • Role of women
  • False appearances
  • Sacrificing happiness for economic success


  • Pet names
  • Nora's costume
  • Mailbox keys

Here is a pretty good teacher's guide that you can use to get better insight and look smart in class.

Constructed Response:

Directions: Literary scholars have argued over how to correctly translate the title of Henrik Ibsen's famous play. Some believe it should be A Doll House, while others argue that A Doll's House is the proper title.

Based on the reading we did in class and the film version of the play, determine which title is most appropriate. In a well written response, use specific, textual examples to support your viewpoint.

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