1968 Movie Version


This is the version that I watched when I was a student. It was fairly old then, but still good. It starts slower than the newer version and most students like the newer version at first, but eventually more like the old one.

Watch the original movie trailer:

Makes you wish you lived in 1968 with high quality movies like that!

The characters:



The famous balcony scene with convenient subtitles in some unknown language:


Vampire Dreams

What I am about to show you is mean. I apologize for it up front. However, I felt like I needed to get this off my chest.

The scene: The Capulet Party

The problem: The Girl with the Long Neck

O.K., when you first start watching the Capulet party, you see this girl:

Your first thought is, "Whoa, that looks like a long neck." Chances are, you just ignore it and go on.

That is, until you see her again.

And you go, "Good googliamoogli! That girl really does have a long neck!" Then you notice that she is covering up a good portion of her neck with the throat band.

Now, for those of you who wonder how long her neck really is, allow me to demonstrate:

Notice here that the blue lines match their shoulder height. The green lines match the top of their heads. Oh my gosh!

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to find her audition photo:

It's amazing what a little make-up can do.


The DVD Cover

The original movie poster

Another movie poster - this one with an endorsement from Playboy. Note the G rating. I don't know if that was there originally or if someone added it in later.

Great in any language.

A few things you might find interesting

I got these things from IMDB. Go there if you want more.

The director became concerned over Olivia Hussey's (Juliet) figure getting too big and so he ordered that no more pasta to be served at the dinners to keep her weight in check.

Paul McCartney from the Beatles, was the first choice to play Romeo.

The camera used to film this movie (the Arriflex) was so loud that they had to go back and redub the words.


Anybody else see a resemblance?

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