Welcome to AP Lit. This course will challenge you to the breaking point, but you will emerge a stronger, more confident, and college ready reader and writer. The road will not be easy, but the destination will be worth it. We will emerse ourselves in novels, dramas, short fiction, and poetry - some you may have read before, but none as deep as we will explore it.

Completion of the College Board AP Literature and Composition test will potentially earn you college credit. You will be ready for it! The course itself is weighted for your GPA. The first semester will be Honors weight and the second semester will be AP Weight.


Novels and Dramas

  • Wuthering Heights
  • Macbeth
  • Choice: The Picture of Dorian Gray - or - Jane Eyre - or - 1984 - or - Dracula - or - Frankenstein - or - Their Eyes Were Watching God - or - The Kite Runner - or - Pride and Prejudice - or - The Grapes of Wrath - or - The Catcher in the Rye - or - Things Fall Apart - or - Crime and Punishment - or - Gone with the Wind - or - The Great Gatsby - or - The Secret Garden - or - Farenheit 451
  • The Lord of the Flies
  • Brave New World

You will need procure copies of these books. I do have some copies of some of the titles available in class to borrow, but not nearly enough for a class set. Many are in the public domain, so there will be some available for free online. If you would like to donate your copy to the class when you are finished with it for the good of the cause, I am sure we can come to an arrangement that will make us both pleased.

For the titles that say "- or -", you will pick one or the other.

Short Fiction & Poetry



We are going to try a style of grammar that uses the words of great literary writers and then imitate their style to learn/refresh grammar conventions. You will be given a series of packets. Once you complete a packet, you can pick up the next one. There are due dates, but that just means this is the LAST date I will take that packet (for any reason).

  • Imitating the Greats - due Sept. 8
  • Toolbox: Words - due Oct. 6
  • Toolbox: Phrases - due Nov. 9
  • Toolbox: Clauses - due Dec. 1
  • Multiplying the Tools - due Jan 26
  • Mixing the Tools - due Feb. 16
  • Punctuate Like a Pro - Due Mar. 1
  • Writing Like a Pro - Due Mar. 22

Vocabulary & Literary Terms

Our literary term list

Quizlet on our list * * Blooket on our list

Allusions (1st Quarter) * * Allusions (2nd Quarter)
Allusions (3rd Quarter) * * Allusions (4th Quarter)

Vocabulary word list


Test Tips

Whole Test Breakdown

Multiple Choice

FRQ Breakdown

AP Exam Score Calculator

Netflix Review Board (we will do this in class so be patient)


(Individual Poetry Readings)

These will be completed on your own time or during class free time. Sheet must be signed and returned before the final due date. Signature sheets can be printed or picked up from Mr. Alford in class. Go here for complete list of readings.

(Deep Dive Journal)

For the FRQ3, you will need to pick a work to use to answer the question. We are going to make sure you have at least 3 works of "literary merit" that you have done deep dives on. Before the test, you will be able to read through this journal to get yourself ready. This is a major assignment for each of the first three quarters. You will need a composition notebook (the sewn type, usually marbled covered).


You will need:

  • pencils
  • black or dark blue pens (get ones you are comfortable with)
  • a pen that is not black or blue
  • a pen that is not black, blue, or the previous color
  • a composition notebook (the kind that usually come marbled and pages are sewn in) for the Deep Dive Journal
  • a second composition notebook for Spotlight Readings and How to Read Literature Like a Professor notes
  • all the bolded books to the left and one from the choice
  • college-ruled notebook paper (and a notebook to put it in)

You may want:

  • Scotch tape
  • color pencils
  • Post It notes

Amazon Wish List - add to this wish list any of the above books. I'm trying to build a classroom library.


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