College Finder Project


Purpose: To help you find a possible post-high school school for you to attend and to help prepare you for the senior research paper.

Means: We will do much of this in class; however, some of it will be required for
homework. College Matchmaker will be used to initially find a college (although you may opt to disregard that for another college choice), you will write a business letter requesting information, and we will use various sources from our library to gain more information about it.

Product: You will produce a three page paper, typed. The first page will detail the
following facts about the college you have chosen to write about:

• size
• academic level
• location
• what are some of the majors that it offers
• teacher : student ratio
• tuition costs
• in state/out of state
• SAT or ACT requirements
• GPA requirements
• features of the school that they are proud of
• do they require the completion of a college essay
• one interest story about the college (non academic)
• any sports or clubs that you would be interested in (including intramural)

The second page will be a persuasive argument of the suitability of that school for you. You can argue that it would be a good place for you to attend or you may argue that it is not a good place for you. Either way, you will pick one side and defend your choice. You will also want to analyze their admission requirements and what you will need to do to get those taken care of.

The third page will be a works cited page where all of your sources are listed out in MLA format. You will need a total of 4 different sources (at least – you may have more).

Worth: This will count as a double major test grade. Divine Interventions will not help this grade not will they omit it. The importance of this is such that you will not wish to jeopardize your chances by plagiarizing, cutting corners, not taking it seriously. You will get some grades for meeting deadlines along the way but the final product will be graded as is, not on effort.

Due: December 14th


Some College Finding Links to Check Out

College Board - Matchmaker

College View

Xap College Finder

AACC - Community College Finder

College Prowler's search of top 100 colleges

Tuition Finder - How much will your favorite college cost you?


Deadlines: (make these and get an easy 100)

11/19 - Have envelope w/ stamp and your return address

11/30 - A list of all your facts and figures (should be at least a page handwritten)

12/11 - The second page will be brought in for peer revision. If you typed your rough draft, you should have one page. If you hand wrote your rough draft, you should have three pages (which is equilvalent of one page typed).

12/13 - Bring in your works cited.

12/14 - Project due

Here are the handouts used in class:

Alford's Guide to MLA Bliss

Plagiarism for Dummies

Help with the Works Cited Page

The Business Letter


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