This is a major project in MLA and following directions. You will need to pick a topic (almost any topic is allowed) and then research that subject. You will need to find 20 sources for information about that subject. You can pick any source; however, if you pick a personal interview, the person being interviewed should be an expert in the field.

Here is how the project should be set up:

I. Three specialized sources with MLA and annotation in this order:

the format for documenting sources as persribed by the Modern Language Association

four to five sentences summarizing the source

a listing of sources about a particular subject


Helpful Handouts


How do I...

  • Avoid the hyperlink? You could go in and disable the autoformat for hyperlinking, but if you don't want ot do that, the easiest way is to hit CTRL-Z when the link turns blue and underlined. This will immediately undo the hyperlinking. If you forogt and are coming back to it later, just right click it and choose remove hyperlink
  • Reverse indent? Just type it as normal, then go back and put the cursor in front of the second line. Hit ENTER. Nothing will happen. Then hit TAB.

Web Page
Some source other than a book or a web page (Infotrak is allowed)


II. Seven sources (any type of source will do) with MLA and annotation. Put
these in alphabetical order by the first word in the MLA format.

III. Ten sources (any type of source will do) with MLA only. All sources should
be on topic. Put in alphabetical order by first word in the MLA format.

Follow these rules:


• use Times New Roman 12 point font
• put your topic as the title on a title page along with your name, period, and date
• separate the paper in the three Roman numerals as shown above
• staple it in the upper left hand corner once
• put all sources (other than the first three) in alphabetical order by the first word of the MLA source
• make sure that all annotations are at least 4 sentences long but no more than 5 sentences long
• if a web address is too long to fit on the line, break it so that you can go to the margin before starting a new line
• do not leave hyperlinks (underlined blue links)
• proofread!


We will go to the school library for two days. All other research is on your own.

There will be two peer edit days (3/5 and 3/12) to help you find errors. Bring in your rough draft on these days for a 100 or a else you will get a zero. No late grade for missed deadlines. It is suggested that on the second peer edit day that you have a typed copy.

Due: March 14th (Friday) There will be a 10 point penalty for a late paper turned in on Monday. There will be an additional 7 points taken off per day after that. This counts as a double major test grade, so please, take your time and do it right.


Click here to see a sample project.