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The Medusa Exams are a national contest for high school students to compete to see who knows their mythology. Unfortunately for us, the exams come at an odd time in the year for us. So instead, we will take an old Medusa Exam every two weeks to pit ourselves against each other.

Each question you get correct will count as a Gorgon that you have slain. The individual who slays the most Gorgons on one of the exams will earn the title MASTER GORGON SLAYER. You number of correct questions will be tracked on the chart below. At the end of the course, the individual who has slain the most Gorgons after all will earn the title ULTIMATE GORGON SLAYER and have his/her name listed on this page for all posterity to gaze upon and marvel at.

Gorgon Slayer Standings


Ultimate Gorgon Slayer Hall of Fame

2018 Spring - Hannah C. 219/300 Gorgons

2019 Spring - Ju Ju C. 86/150 Gorgons

2020 Fall - Moira & Amelie 65/100 Gorgons

2021 Spring - Miriam "Steve" G. 103 Virtual Gorgons