Hello there! Welcome to the world of pokémyth! My name is Alford! People call me the pokémon Lord! This world is inhabited by creatures called pokémyth! For some people, pokémyth are deities. Others use them for fights. Myself...I study pokémyth as a profession.


All around this school are different mythological deities, monsters, heroes, etc. hidden for you to find. You are going to go out in the school and find them all. How? Well, a good pokémyth trainer needs a pokéball - in this case, your smartphone will do nicely.


You will need to download the Aurasma app on your phone.


Once you have it, open the app. It will open your camera and that will have moving white dots on it. Press the Aurasma icon at the bottom.


Next, you will need to press the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen.



In the top search bar, type as one word all lowercase:


~ Change the FOLLOW indicator to FOLLOWING by clicking on it. Now you should be able to see all the pokémyth auras.


So where can you find them?

  • In our classroom (but not other teachers' classrooms unless it can be seen from the hallway),
  • in the halls,
  • and around the campus.

Look for things that would have been around for a while and are not likely to change anytime soon. When you find them, take a screenshot of it, either by taking a screenshot of your phone or by hitting the camera icon.



Now it is time to log it into your pokédex.

You will put the screenshot, the name of the mythological figure, where in the world this mythology comes from, and a little bit about the figure.

Show me your chart at any time in order for me to adjust your rank in the standings.

The Standings