National Treasure


Your team is in competition to find one of our national documents that has been stolen! Somebody in this school has the treasured document. They have gotten it back from the thief, the problem is, they are worried that the thieves may have high ranking moles. This person does not know to whom the document should be entrusted to. In order save this historic national treasure, you will, as a team, need to find out:
• Who has the document
• Which document is it? (Declaration of Independence? Constitution? other?)
• When can you get the document (the person will only give it out on certain days)?
• What password can you give to gain the person’s trust?

What happens if you get it? The winning team will get 15 points extra credit on their final exams and 5 extra points on their 2nd Quarter grades. This could be a big help to you! Such high amounts of extra credit will not be easy to get, but if you can pool your resources (or desert to a team that can) you may come out a winner. Oh, by the way, there is only one document. All my classes are after it.

Here is your first clue. Figure it out!