Native American Literature

Native American Literature

I am currently looking for someone who wants extra credit by typing up some of the stories we read in class ("Glooscap and the Baby," "The First Ship," and "Creation of the Animal People.") Let me know if you are interested in any of this.

Click here to read Little Man With Hair All Over (We read this in class)


Terri Windling wrote a great article about the Trickster figure. In short, a trickster is neither a hero or a villian, but is out for themselves. As the name suggests, they often play tricks. You may be familiar with Ananzi stories from west Africa. He is probably the best known trickster figure. In America, we have two rabbit characters that are tricksters: Brer Rabbit and Bugs Bunny.

This article is mostly about the Native American trickster, the coyote. We read a short version in class. Here is the whole article:

Trickster Article


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