Celtic Mythology


Like Celtic mythology? Then you might like this book by Gemmell. Read this book and complete the short Old English Extra Credit Assignment if you'd like.



Anglo-Saxon Information

A fanstastic book about a warrior living during these times. Extra credit for anyone who reads this book and completes the short Old English Extra Credit Assignment.




The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring

Note that there will be two distinct tests. One for strict Old English material and the other for The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring. The first one will be no notes and the second one will be open notes (handwritten only).


Test Information

Study the following:

I. Celtic Legends

  • How Cuchulainn got his name.
  • Who the man was who would not identify himself.
  • Describe Cuchulainn’s battle rage:

II. Fill in the blanks from Anglo-Saxon history:

  • The strange formation of rocks placed in a circle made during this time
  • Germanic warriors that invaded England
  • Who is the Once and Future King
  • Life after death for Christains and pagans
  • What is Animism

III. Beowulf

Know these characters:

  • Beowulf
  • Brecca
  • Grendel
  • Hrothgar

Wyrd = fate - Beowulf wants to form his own fate. This is a Christain ideal because Christains believe God gives us free will to make our own destiny. The Angles and the other Norse groups would believe that wyrd was in control. Beowulf must in effect fight wyrd to control his own fate.

Be able to answer:

* Explain Grendel as a hell-spawned evil beast (include his origin).

* What is suggested by the fact that the Danes (Hrothgar and his men) leave the site of Beowulf’s battle with Grendel’s mother?

* Describe Beowulf as a Christ figure.


Here is the riddle that will be the extra credit on the Old English test:

A creature came through the waves, beautiful
And strange, calling to shore, its voice
Loud and deep; its laughter froze
Men's blood; its sides were like sword-blades. It swam
Contemptuously along, slow and sluggish,
A bitter warrior and a thief, ripping
Ships apart, and plundering. Like a witch
It wove spells - and knew its own nature, shouting:
"My mother is the fairest virgin of a race
Of noble virgins: she is my daughter
Grown great. All men know her, and me,
And know, everywhere on earth, with that joy
We will come to join them, to live on land!"




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