The British Author Projects


There are two parts of this assignment:

  1. The APA Annotated Bibliography
  2. The Speech (think of it more like a one sided conversation)


Now, first things first! We need to pick an author. This is the author you will use for both assignments. You may not pick the author of the book you read for your research paper.

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The APA Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is much like an MLA works cited page, except that it does not accompany a paper, gives information from the the source, and is done using APA format instead of MLA. Your professors might require you to source your paper using APA format. It is not too much different from MLA, but it is some, and I want you to be familiar with it, just in case. The biggest difference is the lack of capitals in APA titles. You will need to use 6 different sources. One must be a web site. One must be a book. The other four can be anything (more books, more web sites, a personal interview, a magazine, an Internet database, etc.). You will get extra credit if you use four different types of sources. There is a guide sheet that you will complete online for this assignment.

If you cannot find a book on your author, then ANY BOOK on ANY TOPIC will do.

You will also include about 3-5 lines of text (using Times New Roman 12 point font) detailing some of the information you found about that author from that source.

You will also include how to in-text that source if you were writing a research paper.

Bibliography is due: Tuesday, May 16th.

How do I do APA? Just follow directions. Type into a search engine APA format and then your source type. Perdue OWL is a great place for advice. If you can do MLA, you can do ANY style citation. All you have to do is find the template and follow it.

Here is the document you will do your project on:

Share only when you are ready for me to grade it.

Sample Paper







The Author Speech

The speech will be 2-3 minutes long. You will give good information about that author to the class. You will be graded on the following:

  • time
  • good information
  • ability to capture interest
  • good speaking skills (i.e. not looking at notes entire time, not saying “um…” or other speech breaks, annunciation, confidence, etc.)

You may include a visual presentation. This is not required, but it is an effective way of both keeping track of your information and keeping your reader’s interest. It is suggested that you use Google slides to insure that we can access it for the SmartBoard. This would be a supplement - do not post your speech on it.

The speech will be given Monday, May 15th. If you are planning on not being at school this day, you will need to give your speech on Tuesday.


What information should I give in my speech? Well, consider any of the following:

  • basic life details (born, died, etc.)
  • what style of writing was he or she known for?
  • give titles or characters that they are famous for creating
  • any scandals or interesting life happenings?
    - one of the male names is really a female in disguise
    - many were drug addicts
    - some were homosexuals and aetheists during times that you could be killed for that
    - two of the names on this list are possibly the real author of Shakespeare's works
    - one author dug up his dead wife just so he could get some poems he buried with her to publish
    - one became famous for writing a book as a challenge from his brother
    - one kept her husband's heart on her shelf for over ten years
    -one really loved his sister - I mean really loved
    -one is guilty of attempted rape
    -some were artists who wrote poetry on the side (visuals would be great for these guys)
  • were they popular during their own time?

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